5 Best Sunscreens You Can’t Even Tell Are Sunscreens


Can’t stand the goopy, white, smelly stuff and don’t wear it as often as you should as a result? The best sunscreens this season are actually masquerading as other beauty products. You’re going to love these multitasking gems

Sure, sunscreen season is supposed to be every season, but let’s get real: We all start to really get conscious of putting on sunscreen when the weather heats up.

Flip through any women’s magazine on stands right now and you’ll see everyone is obsessed with finding the best sunscreen. Right next to the floral fashion spreads there’s guaranteed to be some sort of sunscreen roundup. Most will have the newest releases, some will sort by skin type, and a few will feature the picks celebrities are buying.

Skip ahead to see the 5 best sunscreens.

If, like me, you see these stories and mumble your best “yay,” keep reading. While I fully admit that, yes, this is also an obligatory sunscreen roundup, here’s the big difference: None of these products are just sunscreen. These beauty products feature SPF at high levels (most above 30 and broad-spectrum, two crucial sunscreen attributes) and they’re also just amazing products you’re going to love.

So before you stock up on Banana Boat this year, see if one of these multitasking sunscreens

Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20, $45


Unless you’re Alessandra Ambrosio, you probably have some body insecurity when it comes to slipping into that bikini. Mine is my thighs. While I wish I could tie on a sarong and just be done with it, let’s be honest — that usually just draws more attention to the problem area. Sure, I could take the time to slather on some tanner with a bit of shimmer bronzer and top it all off with an SPF spray. Or I could use Kate Summerville’s new sunscreen, which does all of the above.





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